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Workshops on International Relations (WIRE)

Call for proposals

       Design of Environmental Clubs: Moving from theories to policy proposals

14th WIRE (Workshop on International Relations)

Quebec City, March 2021

Analytical theme

Environmental clubs, such as climate clubs, are voluntary leagues of states or other actors that seek to achieve environmental mitigation goals. This two-day workshop will bring together a diverse group of scholars using a wide range of research methodologies to analyze, evaluate, and inform environmental club design practices and suggest strategies to make effective environmental clubs.

We welcome short research notes (of around 3000 words) that explore any design feature of environmental clubs or that engage with the determinants of effective environmental clubs more broadly. For example, authors may ask:

  • What design factors strengthen/undermine the effectiveness of environmental clubs (e.g. dispute settlement mechanisms, flexibility provisions, etc.)?
  • How should the effectiveness of environmental clubs be measured?
  • What barriers commonly prevent environmental clubs from being effective?
  • What challenges or innovations are specific to smaller group forms of cooperation and how can they be overcome in the context of environmental clubs?
  • What lessons can be learned from other issue areas?

We aim to produce a collective publication based on the themes discussed at the workshop, outlining common issues, lessons from existing clubs, and general recommendations on environmental club design.

Workshop format

As with previous WIRE editions (, the number of participants will be limited to twenty, research notes will be distributed three weeks before the event, and participants will be expected to read all research notes (3000 words each), as no presentations will be given. This format offers an opportunity for in-depth discussions, provides authors with detailed feedback, and allows participants to get acquainted in an informal setting.

Submission of proposals

To submit a proposal, send a short summary (max 300 words) and full-contact information by email to  Selected candidates are expected to send a complete version of their research notes 3 weeks prior to the event. Due to the format of the workshop, authors who fail to send their short research note on time will have to be removed from the program.

Practical details

There is no workshop registration fee. Limited funding will be available. Please let us know if you require funding to attend the workshop and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Workshop organizers

  • Jean-Frédéric Morin (Laval University, Canada)
  • Claire Peacock (Laval University and Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Eric Werker (Simon Fraser University, Canada)